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S.5 English

S.5 English

Course Objectives:

Less than two years to go and you still don’t know the difference between “bored” and “boring” or “made of “ and “made from”. Don’t panic. Join me to the realm of the English Language. I’ll show you both the basics and mustknows for the upcoming HKDSE. You will be surprised how little you need to put in to get a decent grade. Should you have any doubts, no matter what it is, come to talk to me before you sign up for my class. Remember the old saying; it’s better late than never. Let me be your tutor.

離 HKDSE 考試還不到兩年的光境,你連“bored”(覺得無聊)與 “boring” (乏味的) 異同,以及 “made of “ (材料成分)與 “made from”(組成部分)的分別都搞不清 楚。不要緊張!請與我一起走進英語的世界。我會為你展示箇中基本智識,以及 HKDSE 必須懂得的部分。你或許會驚訝,要取得好的成績原來並不是想像那麼的 難。如你有任何疑問,不管是大是小,在報讀我的課程前可先來與我諮詢洽談。老生 常談的一句話就是:遲到總比無到好。讓我引領你上路,邁向成功之途。

Course Highlights 課程重點:

Paper 1 Reading (20%)

  • Various question types dissected (T/F/NG, summary cloze, title matching, text completion, tables, inference, rewriting and theme questions …)
  • Speed reading knacks (zigzag approach, gist locating method )
  • Complex and compound sentence structures simplified
  • Newspaper clippings reading, vocabulary build-up

Michael 善於分析閱讀理解的出題趨勢,並提供大量模擬試題給同學們實踐。

Paper 2 Writing (25%)

  • 5-paragraph writing approach, paragraph construction
  • 3Es introduced- Examples, Explanation, Elaboration
  • Essential sentence structures and word bank
  • Short task dos and don’ts
  • Open-ended writing genres presented
  • Brainstorming & putting ideas together
  • Writing grammar common mistakes corrected
  • Time management & model essays explained

Michael 提供大量自己親自撰寫的高分範文給同學們參考。

Michael 特別擅長於句型及片語的分析,對同學們在寫作上有莫大幫助。

Michael 精於文法分析,對學生常犯的文法錯處可謂瞭如指掌。

Paper 3 Listening & Integrated Skills (30%)

  • New syllabus exposed/ listening questions varieties
  • How to tackle form filling, charts, columns and diagrams
  • Notes-taking & pre-listening techniques
  • Must-knows in integrated writing skills

Michael 會教授聆聽試題必出的詞彙,並率先披露聆聽卷中 Extended Tasks 的考試形式。

Paper 4 Speaking (10%)

  • Pronunciation fine-tuning (commonly mispronounced words, accent reduction, intonation, pitch-up and step-down approach)
  • Group discussion & One-minute response must-knows (turntaking, verify information, crisis management, reasoning, defensive response)
  • Conversational tactics & 1-2-3 high marks scoring method
  • In-class virtual speaking practice sections

Michael 用地道的口音指導同學讀出正確的發音。


  • Book reports, film reviews, personal reflections
  • Online resources, marking scheme
  • Individual presentation and group discussion skills
● 以上課程大綱只供參考,課堂內容或次序會因應教學進度而略作修改。

● Michael Chan 保證每星期親自批改所有作文及聆聽伸延部分(Part B Extended Tasks),並詳述學生所犯錯誤。

送:凡報讀 Michael Chan 2023 – 2024 S.5 Regular Course 的同學並完成第一至第二期課程的同學,均 可獲贈由 Michael Chan 親自撰寫的暢銷參考書系列之【Falling in Love with Sentence Structures 愛上英語句型】乙本。

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元朗正校 Y235E01-L L Sat 12:05pm $860
屯門分校 T235E02-L L Sun 1:05pm


D235E03-L L Thu 6:05pm


G235E05-L L Mon 6:05pm
九龍灣分校(Eastmark) E235E06-L L Wed 6:05pm
沙田分校 A235E07-L L Fri 6:15pm
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235E08-HLG HL Mon 6:05pm
235E09-HLE HL Wed 6:05pm
235E10-HLD HL Thu 6:05pm
235E11-HLY HL Sat 12:05pm
235E33-HLT HL Sun 1:05pm
符號L = Live (現場班)﹕代表Mr. Michael Chan每4堂於該分校現場教授3至4堂,課程由導師親自進行,倘課程修讀人次的數目超過一間課室容納量,學生將被分配至其他課室(‘其他課室’)。其他課室的課堂通常透過視像進行。
符號 HL = Home Live:代表課程在遵理學校網站透過互聯網由Mr. Michael Chan透過直播平台教授。學生毋須返回遵理學校,課程是
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